Category 1: Children under 5

Make a drawing or painting of a pet animal, a wild animal or a favourite toy animal or teddy bear!

Category 2: Children 5-8 years

Imagine Beasties that are made of vegetables, fruit or even plants! You can make one, draw or paint one! It can be as imaginative and crazy as you like! (Try and have a look at the work of Giuseppe Archimboldo for some good ideas!)

Category 3: Children 8-11 years

Have a look at Van Gogh's painting of sunflowers....and make your own colourful flower painting with thick, large brushes, strong colour and big bold brush strokes. (You could also copy one of his paintings!) Have fun!

Category 4: Older children 11-18 years

Camouflaged animals! Can you paint or draw a toad, snake, zebra, bird, moth or butterfly etc. against a background so similar in design, pattern or colour that it cannot be detected?! A design challenge!

Category 5: Over 18s

Anything you like! Any medium, any subject matter, portraits, landscapes, still-life etc.

Please bring your finished work to the Activities Marquee on the morning of the Feast so that we can display it nicely for you, with your name attached!

There will be a prize for each category and the Competition will be judged by well-known local artist Caddie Attiwell at 2.30pm. The winners will be announced immediately afterwards.